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Learn From The Leading Message Architect for TED Talks, Executive Presentations & Investment Pitches.
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This book reveals the deeper causes of food cravings, diet cycling and body shaming. Included in the 40 day action plan, this book shares helps you to identify the root causes of your emotional connection to food and provides specific strategies and therapeutic processes to help you break free!
"40 Days To Freedom goes beyond the physical aspects of sugar addiction and illustrates perhaps the biggest factor at play, the psychological element."
~ Mike R. Publicist for NY Times Bestseller

[ Signature Courses ]
Message Architecture
Successful Blueprints for High-Stakes Conversations
A solid Message Architecture allows you to powerfully lead conversations and articulate your vision anytime, anywhere.
Clearly articulate your message & illustrate your value to attract team members, investors & donors, and loyal raving fans.

Message Makeover
Make Sure Your Audience Can Hear What You're Saying
Today’s world is flooded with low-quality messages from companies struggling to connect with their audience.
We provide a framework for business leaders to compose a set of high-quality messages that motivate and inspire their relevant audiences.

Spark The Stage
Ignite & Inspire Your Audience into Action
WHAT you say matters to you.
HOW you say it matters to your audience.
Your delivery will effect how much they'll remember, how deeply they'll be moved, and how inspired they will be to take action.
Integrated NLP Practitioner Intensive
Evolve Your Mind, Communicate with Mastery, Achieve Excellence
This 7-day integrated certification program will dramatically improve the way you communicate with others AND they way you will be able to understand what others say, don't say and how they speak with their body.
Leave with 4 board certifications from the American Board of NLP 
- Practitioner of NLP
- Practitioner of Hypnosis
- Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy®
- NLP Coach

[ About Ben ]
Ben Patwa
Committed to Empowerment & Impact
Ben Patwa is a Master Communications trainer and NLP practitioner, helping business leaders construct compelling and captivating messages for marketing or presentations. With nearly 20 years of teaching accelerated learning in colleges and through workshops & seminars, he is an expert in creating courses and education programs that transform lives and get people to implement what they’ve learned. 
"I believe that you are capable of achieving far beyond what you think. You can count on me to support and to challenge you to be and do your best... even when you stop believing in yourself!"
Ben is a powerful speaker and trainer in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurial creativity and effective communication.

He shares his unique story of perseverance to play international basketball while standing at 5’7″ and the awakening he had following a life threatening experience at just 18yrs old. 

Ben has created programs and courses in the arenas of fitness, nutrition, personal growth, mission & vision development, product creation, child education, sales, video marketing and networking.
"I've read quite a lot about NLP and have taken several courses, and this experience was the most in-depth and enlightening because of Ben's diverse knowledge, the personal attention we got, and the ability to spend more time on the practices until I felt completely confident in my ability."
Derek Doepker - Performance Coach & 8 time Bestselling Author
"You brought the most enjoyable
workshop I have ever attended.
And I’ve attended a lot (including my own)."
Steven Hirano - Founder, Best Friends Animal Society
"From the first minutes they gave me much-needed structure to prepare my pitch. Using their advice, I prepared a 5-minute pitch and won a pitch competition in Silicon Valley.

They gave me feedback on my actual delivery of the pitch not just the content... the insights will stick with me for the rest of my life."
Gabe Rotman, Founder - EquityLancer
As a business developer, Ben Patwa is extraordinary.  His remarkable insight into business and human nature allows him to help you uncover your vision. 
He has the gift of being able to challenge you and your limiting beliefs and keeps you accountable on your path to reaching your highest potential. He is committed to your success and accepts nothing less than your very best. 

Deloris Piper - Co-Founder,
Neitra Body Botanicals
"This was an extraordinary “learning through acting” experience. You are so skillful at knowing  when to push and when to pull. 

I learned more about gestures and body movement than I learned in 35 years of presentation experience."
Paul Altherr - CFO, Best Friends Animal Society
"When I first met Ben I noticed his sense of determination and drive and how he is motivated to help those around him reach their potential.  Through his words, practices, and methodologies Ben inspires individuals to hold themselves accountable to their greatest potential. For me, he's helped me find what the core of my business is all about and helped me be creative in growing my business to 22k+ members!
Without meeting Ben, I would not have been able to reach the many breakthroughs I've had -- and with him in my life, I look forward to reaching many more." 

Albert Qian, Founder - Albert's List
“Ben has the unique ability to be able to see into and through the situation and come up with a clear strategy on how to move forward... He then doesn’t let you back down or give up!”
S Lee Wright - Holistic Interior Architect
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Get this free training where Ben Patwa reveals the "ADD SPARK" method for business leaders to captivate & influence any audience.
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